Leadership team

For over 20 years, the founders of the company, along with many of the core team at ANS have been providing service management solutions to enterprise telecoms organisations around the world. Understanding the distinct requirements and nuances of telecoms operations has been the mainstay of the team’s success and reputation with both clients and partners. 

Phil Brooks ANS

Phil Brooks

CEO & Executive Consultant

Gary Brooks ANS

Gary Brooks

CTO & Senior B/OSS Enterprise Architect

Malou Glastonbury ANS

Malou Glastonbury

Head of Finance and Talent Management

Martin Drum ANS

Martin Drum

Executive Consultants Team Lead

Sean Smith ANS

Sean Smith

Agile Delivery Services Manager

Sean Brooks ANS

Sean Brooks

Digital Transformation Team Lead (EMEA)

David Drum ANS

David Drum

Digital Transformation Team Lead (APJ)

Anshu Anand ANS

Anshu Anand

Quality Assurance Manager

Jonathan Pic ANS

Jonathan Pic

Enterprise Architects Team Lead

Quentin Butler ANS

Quentin Buttler

Software Development Manager

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ANS - TMF Career Certified Frameworkx
ANS - TMF Career Certified AI Modeler
Prince 2 Agile
BMC Certified Professional