Site Access Management

Control of Site Access based on Access Agreements, contacts and approvals

  • Access Agreements govern the approved access periods for our customer to visit controlled 3rd party locations. Typically these access periods are based on weekday and/or time of day, however consideration is required for public holidays as well.
  • Once an Access Agreement is reached, Site Contacts are agreed. It is typical that each Access Agreement would have different Site Contacts associated (e.g. daytime contact is a building concierge whereas an evening contact is a security team). By relating the Site Contact information directly with the Access Agreement we can ensure the correct stakeholder is notified and accurate information is supplied to our field engineer to minimise waiting time upon their arrival at the site.
  • With some sites, it may also necessary to seek approval before scheduling a field engineer visit. To support this, Site Access Management supports multiple approval methods common within the industry. The first option is a positive approval, meaning that the engineer will not attend to the site until a response has been received from the Site Contacts; the second option is a positive rejection, meaning that the engineer will attend the site unless a rejection has been received from the Site Contact; finally the Site Contacts can also be given the opportunity to suggest alternative scheduling.
  • In addition to supporting ad-hoc blackout days, Site Access Management has been integrated with Abstract APIs (additional license required) to identify if selected schedule is a public holiday based on the site country to support public holiday agreement access terms. Ensuring that the correct Access Agreement is referenced for that site visit.
  • Occasionally, a Site Visit becomes necessary outside of the regular Access Agreement periods. To manage this process, exception handling has been introduced to allow for internal approval to be executed prior to requesting access from a 3rd party.
  • Site Access Management, built on the BMC Innovation Suite platform, supports flexible coding methods including no code & low code. Using the platform capabilities, the application was built with an API-first focus to support non-GUI request creation, handling, approval & notifications to provide seamless interoperability between ecosystem applications with Service Provisioning, Service Fulfilment & Service Assurance



  • Expansion to support locality access requests (floor, zone, room), providing greater granularity in access requests, along with the ability to chain approval requests from the building, to the floor, to the zone, and to the room.
  • Improvements to support the acceptance of Health & Safety information, ensuring important information is supplied to the field engineer.
  • Scheduling improvement, along with the adoption of Calendar functionality, enabling the mass scheduling of site access requests to maximise field engineer utilisation.
  • Support for file attachment sharing via secure 3rd party services to provide users with relevant attachments from centralised data stores, including attachments such as authorization notices, floor plans and site surveys.